My beauty is finally here…💝

Rain! Again on a Thursday evening! I can’t believe this! I thought since the skies had been so dark and gloomy, it would rain way earlier that five in the evening. Apparently I was wrong. I can’t really tell exactly why this always happens when I try to play dress up. Light floral dress, a black coat and some black doll shoes that I really love. Well, I am always in trousers and heavy trench coat especially in this cold weather so this is me playing dress up. I have had enough of pneumonia shots and flu every now and then, so I dress warm not daring to please anyone.

Well, at least I have an umbrella in my bag, best part of this day. So I alight from one mat and head on to look out for another one at the bus stop. I hate stepping on this grey or is it black dirty water on the potholes on the road. It feels disgusting even if I am wearing shoes. Sometimes it looks as though the sewage leaked or overflowed when it was raining and it even feels worse thinking about it.

Finally, I am at the bus stop and there she is. She looks so gorgeous, all that graffiti, the beautiful horns on top ( like batman) and those hooting sounds that don’t sound like noise but like some kind of music that plays on a descending note….😋. I think am in love. I just walk straight not noticing the potholes or the hooting of the buses behind me or the sound of the rain as it hits on my umbrella.

Finally I get to her door and as I close the umbrella, I can hear soft music playing in the background. The conductor is a gentleman and offers a hand with the umbrella. Damn!! This guy is hot!! Those dreads, and dimples……😋topic for another day.

I step in and wow! The beauty of her from inside is just breathtaking. The ambiance, the seats….I want to live here forever. I slowly choose my favorite seat at the middle by a window overlooking the giant thika superhighway. Am delighted that today she was not late or maybe I was just on time or maybe it was by sheer luck.

I seat quietly as I take in her beauty. I  don’t even recognize when she is finally full and with a loud queen like announcement she noisely but queenly commanding respect and admiration at the same time slowly roll out of the bus stop. Despite the rain, she is warm and you can only notice the rain droplets on her magically tinted windows as she magestically rolls down on our way home.

By now, the well refined choice of music has been tuned a notch higher, am silently enjoying and I think to myself…..”this the perfect environment for my writing..”



Sometimes you don’t have to sleep to dream coz some dreams are like visions. But most of the horrible dreams happen when you are wide awake. Like losing your man, losing your job, losing someone you really love to death or finding yourself in a situation you never expected. Dreams can be amusing and perfect as well. Like when you dream taking your man home or when you dream being insanely rich or sometimes having the perfect wedding.

We all want a dream that will make us smile and that will help our hopes go up again and we feel so motivated to make that dream happen. It’s no wonder we all filled with hopes for a better day, a better pay, a perfect wife or husband, a perfect home. We all want our dreams to come true sometime so that we know that we are surely living right.

“You say I am loved when I can’t feel a thing, you say I am strong when I think I am weak, you say am whole, when am falling short and when I don’t belong, Lord you say I am yours…and i believe…what you say to me, I believe…and I believe”

These are my favorite lyrics every morning I wake up. Every dream I have is achievable coz I believe. I have a Father to make it happen. I only need to believe every word He says. Sometimes I am falling short of the hope, of His grace but all this while, I only need to reach deep within me coz I none of them is insufficient, all I need is a prayer.

Today I am not writing  stories, I want to encourage you. You are stronger than you think, you have every power to make your dreams happen. You have A mighty man of war waiting for you to ask for His help, don’t disappoint Him. He is always listening, always ready and always providing for your needs.

Your good dreams are his priority. I bet we all have read Jer 29:11 to 14. To him tribe, race, colour, age, height, weight are all insignificant to Him. He made you in His own image so He knows who you are and what you look like.God looks at Hearts not bodies or physical appearances. He doesn’t discriminate and He never lies. Numbers 23:19, God is not a man that He should lie, and the truth is you can bank Your money on that statement.

Sometimes I am disappointed at how fast people lose faith, when clearly His word says that His promises are Yes and Amen 2nd Corinthians 1:20. What more do you want if God who is just a prayer away is not enough?? Make it a habit to pray even for the smallest of things. The power is in your words.

Dream, Pray, believe and trust in The Lord then work towards your dreams.

Just remember Proverbs 10:22 “The blessings of the Lord maketh rich and addeth no sorrow”

That beard…………

” she emerges out of nowhere, she is about 5 years old”

It has been a culture in Kenya where flashy matatus, with bombastic music and calligraphic bodies containing artistic photos of popular Kenyan musicians and comedians and widely known movies like GoT and the flash are loved and quickly fill up with young souls, most the campus age with baby locks and shaggy hair. In such a crowd, you often look so old and outdated if you are above 25 years. The girls in this crowd look like a ice-cream cone on a hot afternoon coz they are all shiny with blue lipstick, you would think someone mistook their lips for a wall in their house..damn!!!The dudes, as they like to be called, have witty smiles, skinny jeans so tight you would think someone cut off their will to be men.

Am not in that matatu. I am riding home in this old fashioned and very quiet matatu full of old people( not so old, around 26 to 30 year) The ambiance is very hospitable. i can watch a movie, sleep a little or day dream. Wait… that a Beard!!!!!

It is 1830, stranded in traffic but am delighted. On the next bus, there is this guy, with a beautifully shaped beard you would think he sleeps while sitting or perhaps he never sleeps. Somehow he reminds me of my Ex’s beard but redefined. Why doesn’t my hair look so perfect?? how much money does this guy spend on this beard?? Does he have special oil for it?? How does he even eat?? I wish i could ask him all these questions but i cant. I am bit shy sometimes and i know i cant construct a full sentence without stammering if he was next to me. i look at the shirt he is wearing, classic, very clean and bold.

A child emerges from nowhere and he hugs her so tight and kisses her cheek and she starts playing with his beard. “Damn girl, just leave that alone” I tell the little one in my mind.then i notice her waving at me from the other matatu and i am obliged to wave back. she struggles to open the window and the bearded guys effortlessly does it for her.

she chatters through the traffic noise (through the window)

girl: aunt sasa? (hi aunt)

me: Poa sana. (Am good)

girl: nikuje apo?? daddy, ona auntie mrembo kwa ile gari. (can i come to you? daddy, look at that pretty auntie..)

damn….am embarrassed. what am i going to say.

bearded dad: hi, sorry abt my daughter. she loves to talk to pretty girls.

did he just call me pretty in-front of his daughter and possibly his wife? no way this can end well

me: hi, it is okay. she is really pretty.

bearded dad: thank you. i saw you looking at my beard, you like it??

no he did not. was i staring? but i was careful

me: oh! it is beautiful.

bearded dad: i try to keep it neat but this little bundle here seems to love it messy. how do you like it??

finally the traffic moves, and our matatu speeds off past theirs, all i can see is the daughter waving. i sigh and thank the heavens i didn’t have to answer that question. i am not even in to guys with beards only that this was extra ordinary.

mrembo, pesa apo” the conductor’s voice finally brings me back to reality.


Image result for a beautiful picture of an old black couple in love

We all fall in love sometimes. It is inevitable. Experts say that you fall in love once, and if you are lucky, twice. Well, I defer. Why? Are those experts in my heart? I bet they don’t even have an understanding of how I love of what kind of character I fall in love with. Lately, I have learnt of not trusting the experts, but rather creating my own path, going on my own journey and perhaps the experts can write about my experience.

We all have a liking for young couples walking in the streets holding hands,smiling, buying flowers being all in love but we forget about our parents and grandparents. Today I was inspired by  one old but very beautiful couple. By the look of things, these two have all grown up kids, no mortgage, no school fees and not as much bills to pay as they used to pay in their thirties. They look just happy and blissful. I am never a stalker but on this one I had to be. This couple walk hand in hand talking in low tones and finally get to a restaurant, I still can’t believe am doing this. They sit at a table across to mine, and since its  a cold evening, all cloudy and cold winds blowing, I order the mluhya chai (this kind of tea is assumed to be very hot in kenya) and chapati. Well, its not my usual cup of tea. This one is large and not usual melamine but large and metal and painted blue….😋this is Kenya and i adore it.

I sip my tea slowly as I continue to watch “my couple”. Now I can hear their conversation and its pretty amazing. I can’t help it but smile deep inside.

Wife: Unajua(you know) I like it when you take me out like this. It reminds me of when you used to sneak me out from home and we would go eat mandazi and chai kwa mburu (at mburu’s place)

Husband: (laughs) nakumbuka(I remember) hiyo wakati ulikuwa (that time you were) very playful really slim. We had good times

Wife: unakumbuka ile siku  kulinyesha(do you remember that day it rained) and you had to take me home?? (Laughs)

Husband: (laughs) eeh, (yes) we were so wet! Your mother almost beat us both. Unakumbuka vile tulifungiwa kwa nyumba ya mbuzi coz she thought ulikuwa na ball yangu?! (you remember how your mom locked us in a goats’ pen coz she thought you were pregnant)

They both laugh so hard I am also laughing under the table now

Guys! My tea is finished! Its sometime to seven in the evening and its raining. I promise I didn’t even hear when the rain began. I decide to walk out briskly and pretend I was not in the middle of this couple’s conversation.

I am moved, so challenged by this couple that I want to be the man and the woman at the same time and have this kind of a relationship. I am left wondering how such relationships are made. Well, my relationship is great but I pray to get to such a deep memorable time. Am happy they are happy. I hope that our children and the generations to come will have mentors like these. Just to show them what true love really means.


I think it would be right to say that almost every person in our today’s world has watched at least one fiction movie. Personally, I am a lover of the fiction world. The flash, supernaturals, GoT (was not a fan till recently) marvel movies…name them. I have a tendency of doing my chores on Friday evening so that i can lie on the coach all day long on Saturday and enjoy one the good movies or a latest episode i happened to down late in the evening before i leave work.

I am very awed by the imaginary side of the directors and script writers of these movies and sometimes am left wondering, how did Greg Berlanti of the flash, and his colleagues came up with the time continuum or the time loop and the the speed force, oh! and my favorite, the multi-verse. It is just so imaginary of someone just creating the impossible.

Has any of you seen supernaturals?? Well, I would tell you to but also not to. Stop asking why coz I will tell you anyway. When I started watching this show back in the day, i was in campus then, i watched five seasons back to back, eating take outs, showering for 5 minutes, not attending lectures(i hope mom will not see this), no sleeping, just enjoying the flow. Lately, the show has totally taken a different turn. It is still one of my favorite shows, but the level at which you can predict the events of the next episode is 10/10. I loved the originality of the show at the beginning, no copy of characters, original creativity, pure magic from the show, but now, it has become another fiction show in the market. How on earth did we get a multiverse on this show, why did we change villains to good people?? There is no more scary stuff. I can’t tell you why i like the show anymore but i guess I guess i will add some of my own fictitious thoughts to the show come next season.

Well, i know we all make our very own fiction movies in our minds. Its okay, you creativity is perfect. if we didn’t have that, we would be living in such a boring world. You know, if it was possible, i would create my own little universe. Lots of Red berries and grapes, no snakes and bunnies, just chicken. My universe would have all four seasons at once but in different towns so that if i get tired of the cold, i move to the summer and sometimes i delight in the spring and the beauty of the scented flowers. oh! well, am still on earth….phew

The Journey Begins

Thanks for joining me!

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton


This is not a just for one but us all. We all have a different way of connecting and that is why we meet here. I love writing and reading, I watch movies and something to write just pops into my mind. And somehow, you are here coz what i write will make you smile and enlighten you. i hope i will not only be good company but awesome company.

A wise man, my dad, once told me: “listen, listen again, think then speak”. I will accept all comments, negative or positive. If a mango tree gives up due to people throwing stones at its ripe mangoes, surely we would never enjoy another season. So, just imagine I am a mango tree (or your favorite tree)